Nutritious breakfast gives kids energy they need

What are your tips for parents before the first day of school? A week before school starts, parents should prepare for the new school year by setting an earlier bedtime for their children to help them adjust to their new schedule. Children should be well-rested and ready to learn. A vital component to a child’s focus and energy is good nutrition. Parents should allow enough time in the morning so their children can eat a nutritious breakfast at home or arrive at school in time to eat breakfast before class starts. Parents should review the school lunch menu, which is available on the School District of Palm Beach County’s website. What should parents do if their children need special medical care at school? Before school starts, parents should make an appointment with their child’s health care provider in order to get a signed physician’s authorization form for any medication or treatments that the student may need while at school. It is extremely important for parents to notify the school nurse if their child has a known medical condition or any other health or safety concerns. An adult must bring the prescription and over-the-counter medications to the school nurse. The label on each prescription must match the current physician’s order and not be expired. If the doctor prescribes an over-the-counter medication, it must also be in the original unopened container and not expired as well as include a label with the child’s name. If parents have any questions, they can call or visit the school nurse during school hours.
What are some of the challenges you experience as a school nurse? One challenge I’ve experienced over my 17 years as a school nurse with the Health Care District of Palm Beach County is that many people have no clue what school nurses really do. Nurses do far more than bandaging scraped knees! They deal with more severe medical conditions as well as social and emotional problems that children bring to school but are often not comfortable talking about with teachers or even counselors.
I am seeing more young students with mental health issues. Sometimes it’s easier for them to convert their stress through headaches and stomachaches. It is easier for them to go to the school nurse than a doctor with these issues. Being the only health care provider in a school with more than 1,000 students is what makes being a school nurse more challenging than people may think. What motivates you as a school nurse? Every day is so rewarding, through the care I provide and the appreciation I receive from students, parents, faculty and as a trusted member of the community. The parents have come to know me and trust me. I love being “the” nurse, and I have developed strong ties to my students, families and the staff at Sunset Palms Elementary School. There is no greater reward than that.   Original Article: