Can’t-miss Moments: Make Sure You Capture These 16 Baby Milestones On Camera

That first gummy smile is a given, but here are 16 other moments you will want to capture in the first year.

There will be so many baby milestones in your little one’s first year or two—don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll remember them all! Here are 16 baby milestones that you’ll be happy you took photos of in the years to come.

1. First skin-to-skin

Even though you look tired and your hair is a tad greasy, you need a photo of the lovely moment you first hold your babe against your chest.

2. First feed

Whether it’s formula or breastmilk, the very first time you feed your baby is pure magic.

3. With a big teddy bear

Place your baby next to a teddy bear or special stuffy each month so you can see how much they’ve grown.

4. Introducing solids

That initial spoonful is bound to get a hilarious reaction, either of disgust or joy. Make sure you get a video of this moment too.

5. The pout

Those little lips are often comically large for their sweet face, making for the world’s best pout.

6. Milk drunk

A milk dribble on a snoozing baby is too scrumptious to resist.

7. Hat on

Babies get a lot of hats—often in fun shapes (hello, pumpkin) or topped with pompoms. Now you just need to see how your little gourd will react to their new accessory.

8. Tiny feet

Baby feet are so kissable—and photogenic!

9. Sleep smile

You probably have photos of your baby smiling, but do you have one of them grinning in their sleep?

10. Dramatic flair

It totally breaks your heart when they cry, but when they pull out the dramatics and start the fake tears, you can’t help but marvel at how cute they are.

11. When they grab your finger

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You think you will remember how teeny your baby’s hands were, but in a few years, you sadly won’t. So make sure you capture your baby grasping your finger. You might also want to have photos of your parents and siblings doing this with your little one—they make a great gift.

12. Splashing in the tub

When your baby discovers that bathtime equals splashtime, there will be lots of giggles—and then you’ll add bubbles to the mix! Just don’t drop the camera in the tub.

13. Bum shot

Who knew a bum could be so cute? The little dimples on their tiny cheeks are definitely something you will want to remember!

14. Learning to clap

The first time they realize those things at the ends of their arms can bang together and make sound is pretty funny. Make sure your phone is nearby.

15. Bundled up

Thick socks, snowsuit, hat, gloves—your tiny snowman will barely be able to move. Say cheese!

16. When they’re passed out

Babies fall asleep in the strangest places. And when they do, you better snap a pic. Keep this on your phone so you can swipe to it during a sleep regression to remind yourself that yes, at one point they did snooze soundly.

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