8 Baby Must-haves For The First Year

So, you have the newborn essentials covered. Now, it’s time to gather up all the baby must-haves for the first year! We asked our Rookie Mom Squad what products they couldn’t have survived that first year without. Read on for all their favorites and the one product in particular that they all pretty much agreed every baby should have. Here are the 8 products our Rookie Mom Squad said are baby must-haves for the first year:
  1. Boppy Seat
  2. Sound Machine
  3. Hands-free Breast Pump
  4. Baby Carrier
  5. Play Mat
  6. Silicone Feeders
  7. Activity Gym
  8. Sleep Sack


Kicking things off, we have a tried and true favorite. A Boppy! Lo Mansfield, of @thelabormama, LOVES the Boppy Lounger. She says that between her 3 kids, they have used it for hundreds of hours.


Laura, our resident sleep expert & mama of two, says the HoMedics Sound Machine is a must! With the HoMedics Sound Machine, you will have the option of 6 different soothing sounds to choose from. It’s also compact enough that you can take it with you on the go!  


If you are a breastfeeding mama, you have to check out the Hands-Free Willow Pump. It was Karissa’s is the biggest lifesaver. The Willow Pump allows you to carry on with your regular day without being stuck or tied down to a pump (which even makes juggling a two-year-old and a breastfeeding infant doable).


Have you ever heard the joke that if evolution worked, moms would definitely have more than two hands? Well, you might not be able to find an extra set of hands BUT a baby carrier can help you out. They allow you to keep your baby close and get things done.
best baby carrier
Lo highly recommends the Lillebaby Carrier. It has multiple carrying positions allowing you and your baby to figure out what you find most comfortable. Even when traveling, her babies do amazing in this carrier!


A play mat that actually fits the aesthetic of my home? Yes, please! Ashley recommends putting a play mat down to prevent bumps and bruises on the hard floors once your little one is moving around.


Teething is no fun, but luckily there are plenty of products out there that can help to provide your little one some relief. Shelby recommends keeping these little silicone feeders around. You can put some frozen fruit inside and give them to your little one to chew on. Aside from teething, they are also a great way to introduce new foods.


A play gym or activity center is a great way to keep your baby entertained. Plus, many of them are designed to help your baby reach important developmental milestones. Lo says this is a must-have product for your baby’s first year (especially if they have older siblings!).

baby activity center


Like I said above, when we chatted with our Rookie Mom Squad about must-have baby products, there was one item that came up over and over again. Sleep sacks! They are a safe alternative to blankets but provide babies the comfort they need to sleep soundly. Here are a couple of our favorites.
best sleep sack
The Kyte Sleep Sack is made of amazing quality materials, which is why it was Ashley’s choice for her little one. These sleep sacks are buttery soft while still being breathable. Plus, they come in an array of gorgeous colors.
Laura highly recommends the Convertible Woombie. It is a great choice for transitioning your baby out of the swaddle.
Woolino Sleep Sack
As for Shelby, her little guys both used Woolino Sleep Sacks. These are amazing quality and work from the newborn days through the toddler years.
Halo Sleep Sack
Both of Sally’s babies (who were great sleepers!) slept in Halo Sleepsack Swaddles. She loved that they kept her babes tight and secure and so warm!
The first year with your baby is a truly magical time. These products are the best of the best and we know you will look back on the baby days and be grateful you had them!   Original article can be found here: https://www.rookiemoms.com/baby-must-haves-for-the-first-year/