Yoghurt Bottle Butterflies

Two exciting things to share with you today, firstly I’ve got a little tutorial for you on how I made these fun yoghurt bottle butterflies using Yakult bottles and then I’ve got some news on how you can do some crafting yourself and be in with the chance of winning £500 Hobbycraft vouchers to fund your craft stash. How cool is that?!

yoghurt bottle butterflies craft



Empty and clean Yakult bottles

Black paint

Googly eyes


Pipe cleaners

Coloured card

Gem stone stickers etc for decoration



First paint your clean Yakult bottle. I used black but pastel or bright colours would look pretty too. Once it is dry add some googly eyes to the front using glue. To make the butterfly’s antennae take your pipe cleaner and bend it in half. About an inch or two before the end twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together and then roll the ends into little balls or circles. Put the folded end of the pipe cleaner inside the yoghurt bottle.


how to make butterflies from yoghurt pots

To make the wings cut a rectangle from coloured card and then fold it in half. Cut out a rounded wing shape and unfold. Stick the wings on to the back of the butterfly and these can now be decorated however you like. Paint or glitter is always a popular choice with my kids but I loved these sparkly stick on gem stones, it’s a great opportunity to teach you kids about symmetry too.

how to make a butterfly from a yoghurt pot

Yakult’s Every Day Inspiration Challenge

To mark their 20th birthday in the UK, Yakult has launched an ‘Every Day Inspiration Challenge’ to encourage Brits to apply their creative talents, get crafting and find new and inventive uses for the iconic little Yakult bottles.

Whether it’s creating Star Wars figurines, decorative items for the home, a mini skittles game or even placing the upturned bottles on the top of plant canes to act as eye-protectors, every year scores of Yakult drinkers come up with quirky ideas of how to productively use the little bottles once they’re empty.

The competition will be judged by celebrity gardener David Domoney and editor of Yours magazine Sharon Reid.
The winner of the ‘Every Day Inspiration Challenge’ will receive £500 worth of Hobbycraft vouchers, so they can get inspired for many days to come and two runners-up receive £250 of vouchers. The competition closes on 13th March so you’ll need to be quick to enter but this would make a great weekend project for crafting with your kids or a fun activity to do on a rainy afternoon!


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