Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for some love themed projects to do in the classroom or at home this Valentines Day Crafts for Kids list is packed with simple craft ideas for all ages.

If you find yourself wondering what crafts to make with kids on Valentine’s Day, we have got you covered.

From ideas that let kids get artsy with their fingers to fun photo props they can make to give to their friends and family.

Most of the ideas use everyday materials you probably already have at home or in your classroom, so you can jump right into crafting with your little ones.

There are lots of ideas that easily double up as DIY cards to give to friends or family, as well as DIY kid-made gifts.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

Browse through these ideas, and let’s get crafty!

1. Wonderful Heart Flowers

Paper Heart Flower Craft for Kids

This one is one of our most popular projects all year round, but it’s pretty much the best DIY V-day card you can make with your kids. Super easy to make and has that wow factor as the heart flower opens up and reveals your message within.

See how to make these heart flowers (and grab the template)

2. Simple and Fun Heart Art

Heart Valentines Day Art

If you want an artsy project for V-day, this simple art idea is just the right pick.

See the full tutorial here.

3. Heart Shaped Animals

You can make all kinds of animals by using heart shapes only – combine different-sized and colored hearts and make a chicken, bear, dog, bunny, or a bunch of other animals. You can even make cards this way.

See our heart shaped animal ideas here

4. Valentine’s Day Paper Plate Decoration

Paper Plate Valentine's Day Wreath

Have kids make wreaths out of paper plates and use them to decorate your classroom or your home.

You can see the step by step tutorial here

5. Simple Lovebug Card

DIY Lovebug Valentines Day Craft

Tutorial coming soon

6. 3D Colorful Heart Card

See the tutorial and template here

7. Heart Paper Doll

Get the free printable template here

8. Valentine’s Day Cards to Color

Grab the free printable Valentine’s Day cards to color

9. Flower Heart Card

Combine flowers and hearts in this adorable Valentine’s Day craft for kids. Tulips are perfect for the occasion, as their natural shape somewhat resembles a heart.

Check out the tutorial and template.

10. Recycle Newspaper and Make a Card

Valentines Day Newspaper Heart Card

Tutorial coming soon

11. Heart Corner Bookmarks

Heart Corner Bookmarks Paper Craft

We do love origami a whole lot and origami bookmarks sure are one of our favorites. Heart shaped bookmark is a wonderful crafting idea for V-day – just add your special note to make this origami super personal.

Heart Corner Bookmarks Tutorial

12. Valentines’Day Art Idea

Fingerprint Tree

This one might just be my personal favorite and I love all the variations of this project people have been sending me. Perfect project for all ages.

Fingerprint Love Tree Tutorial and Template

13. Love Grows Tree Craft

We have yet another fun tree craft idea for Valentine’s day. This is a great way to show that love grows, especially when well cared for. This one comes with a free printable template, so be sure to grab it.

Check out the tutorial and grab the template

14. Spinning Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Now, this is a card that’s made to impress. Super easy to make and so much fun. Once the recipient opens the card, the heart in it will start spinning!

See how to make a spinning heart Valentine’s Day card

15. Little Love Book

DIY Heart Notebook Paper Craft

This craft idea was shown to me by my mother so it holds a special place in my heart, although I might be biased, I do think this one makes the most amazing DIY gift from kids to their parents, grandparents, other family members and friends.

See how to make the DIY heart shaped book here

16. Heart Bracelets

Let the little ones decorate their very own heart paper bracelets. Such a fun activity.

See the tutorial and get the template here.

17. Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Day Crafts

See how to make these toilet paper roll windsocks.

18. Heart Friends Craft

This is one of our favorite projects as it allows for so much creativity. Let your kids make heart friends. Make heart outlines (you can use our free printable heart outlines to help you) on heavier paper or cardstock (cereal boxes are great if you aim to recycle). Give each kid one heart and let them decorate it however they see fit. Once done, glue the heart on a stick, craft stick or a paper straw.

19. Agamograph

Another wonderful craft that’s perfect to do in the classroom.

See the tutorial and template here.

20. Crafting With Paper Plates

Cute Heart Paper Plate Craft

Yarn  Paper Plate Heart Craft – great for fine motor skills and it just looks adorable.

21. 3D Hearts

3D Paper Craft

3D Paper Heart – such an easy project that will make the most wonderful decoration. Simple and frugal craft perfect for the classroom.

22. Another Cool Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate Bee Craft

Bee Mine Paper Plate Craft – for those who like sweet puns.

23. Yarn Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft – this crafty idea will entertain young kids and adults alike (this is one of our favorites).

24. Symmetry Art

Paper Heart Symmetry Art

Valentine’s Day is perfect for exploring symmetry art.

Tutorial coming soon.

25. Hogs and Kisses Card

Hogs and Kisses V-Day Card Craft

This holiday is also great for utilizing adorable puns.

Tutorial coming soon.

26. Time to Rock

Rocking Heart Craft

Heart Rock Canvas Art – gather some small rocks and get super creative.

27. Hearts

Cardboard Valentines Day Hearts Craft for Kids

Cardboard Hearts – simple and effective. These work out great as photo props.


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