The Ultimate Playlist for a Smoother Day with your Toddler

Mary Poppins was on to something when she sang “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

I don’t know about you, but I am not Mary Poppins and I don’t have a stash of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” songs in my back pocket. The best I can do is remember snippets of Daniel Tiger songs about stopping and going to the potty. Can you relate?

But I have something that Mary Poppins didn’t have and while it isn’t a flying umbrella, it is just as magical. I have a phone that I can whip out any time or anyplace and play the song of my choice.

Over the years, I have built a collection of songs to help your toddler get out the door, brush their teeth, take a bath, eat something, play outside, and go to bed! In other words, to help toddlers get through transitions throughout the day.

Songs are a playful way to help toddlers transition and can diffuse power struggles.

This playlist of toddler songs leans towards a sing-songwriter, alternative, or a reggae vibe because that is my personal preference (and I can’t stand some of the standard kid music). I do include some of the super popular Daniel Tiger songs because they are just so effective.

The Ultimate Playlist for a Smoother Day with your Toddler

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Good Morning Songs for Toddlers

Wake Up Song by Gabriel Douglas (alternative)

“Time to wake up
Time to meet the day
You’ve got so much in store, so much time to play
You’ve got a whole new world, all the sights you’ll see…”

It’s a Pretty Good Morning by J. D. Maulin & Friends (country)

“It’s a pretty good morning, it’s a pretty good day
It’s a pretty good morning, it’s a pretty good day
I can hear the cows out, under sky’s so blue
I can hear the cows out, so I tell them mooooo…”

“What a great morning to a great day
A beautiful morning to laugh and play
I’m going to school to learn with all my friends
All my friends
But there are some things I had to do
So I could share this day with you…”

Brushing Teeth and Potty Songs for Toddlers

Brush Your Teeth by Raffi (folk)

“When you wake up in the morning, it’s quarter to one
And you want to have a little fun
You brush your teeth, ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch
You brush your teeth, ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch…”

When you have to go potty… stop and go right away! by Daniel Tiger (kids)

“When you have to go potty
And go right away
Flush and wash and be on your way…”

Songs to Get Your Toddler Excited to go Outside!

Let’s Go Outside by Joe Reilly (singer-songwriter)

“We can do what we like
Even go for a nature hike
You could run or ride your bike outside…”

Go Outside and Play by Beau Black (rock and roll)

“I want to go outside and play
Look at the sun how it shines in the sky so blue
Just for me and you…”

I Like to Play Outside by Ross King (singer-songwriter)

“Out my window, the rain falls down
but we’re not going to stay inside moping around
let’s get our raincoats and rubber boots on
we’ll make splashes and splishes, pretend that we’re fishes…”

Toddler Songs to Get Out The Door

The Corner Grocery Store by Raffi (folk)

“There were beans, beans, trying on some jeans
In the store, in the store
There were beans, beans, trying on some jeans
In the corner grocery store…”

Riding in my Car by Elizabeth Mitchell (singer-songwriter)

“Click, clack, open up the door, girls
Click, clack, open up the door, boys
Front door, back door, clickety clack,
Take you riding in the car…”

Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip by They Might Be Giants (alternative)

“Three thousand trees
Fourteen hundred buildings
One spilt cup of orange juice
Nineteen pit stops
One hundred and fifteen pick-up trucks
Eight hundred and thirteen-mile car trip…”

Toddler Songs for Mealtime

Eat Like a Rainbow by Jay Mankita (folk) There is a whole album of the same name, Eat Like a Rainbow, perfect for picky eaters.

“I like to eat like a rainbow
red orange yellow green tastiest colors I’ve seen
like to eat foods purple and blue colored foods are healthy too…”

Try a New Food, It Might Taste good! by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (kids)

“You could try a carrot
They’re great to munch crunch crunch
Or a squirty tomato
They’re yummy on their own
We gotta try new food cause it might taste good

E Eats Everything by They Might Be Giants (alternative)

“E is eating in a moving car
E is eating upside down
E is eating on a spaceship
E is eating off the ground…”

Toddler Songs for Play Time, Clean-Up, and Naptime

Let’s Play Pretend Gina Minks (folk)

“We can pirates and say argh!
Raise your flag up to the sky
On your ship go floating by
and on the ocean, we find buried treasure…”

It’s Time to Clean Up by Mr. Minner (pop)

“It’s time to clean up
don’t you know it’s time clean up
Pick up your paper, pick up your trash
pick up your pencils, do it at last…”

Naptime by Charlie Hope (singer-songwriter)

“I heard that naps can keep me strong
So I can play all evening long
so shh shh shh…”

Toddler Songs for Bathtime

Bathtime by Raffi (folk)

“The water is fine, fine, fine
The soap is mine, mine, mine
Scrub and shine, shine, shine
It’s my bathtime…”

Under the Sea By Samuel E. Wright (Calypso)

“The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else’s lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more are you looking for?…”

Toddler Songs for Bedtime

Blue Clouds by Elizabeth Mitchell (singer-songwriter)

Good night my darling
the silver moon is over us
I love you more than a thousand suns
morning rain on a butterfly.”

Catch The Moon by Lisa Loeb (singer-songwriter)

“Can you see what shines
When it’s dark outside?
‘Cause I can see the moonshine
When I look in your eyes…”

Night Mantra by Renee & Jeremy (singer-songwriter)

“I will be your home
I will be your guide
I will be your friend
always on your side

sleep now in your room
quiet of the night
surrounded by the moon
till you see the light…”

Close Your Eyes by Lisa Loeb (singer-songwriter)

“Another night, another moon
Another day will be here soon
And when you’ll wake
I’ll be right here with you

Another frame to hold a view
Another dream you get to choose
Make it yellow, green or blue
I think I’ll leave it up to you

Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Tomorrow is waiting
It’s all of surprise
Close your eyes…”


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