Some Fascinating Facts About March Babies

They say March rolls in like a lion and out like a lamb. So, will your March baby be a tranquil little sheep…or will they roar their way to king-of-the-jungle status? Read on to find out a few interesting tidbits about your March babe-to-be.

Here are somme fun facts about your March baby:

March babies have two birthstones.

March’s traditional birthstone is the frosty aquamarine, which according to superstition, helped keep mariners safe at sea. But if the blue-green sparkler doesn’t suit your March baby, they have an alternative to choose from: The deep green and red-flecked bloodstone. According to lore, Ancient Egyptians believed the bloodstone gave them an advantage over their enemies in battle.

Your March baby’s birth flower is a daffodil.

Nothing says “spring” like cheerful daffodil buds emerging from the hard, frost-bitten ground. Likewise, your March baby’s birth flower, the daffodil, represents joy, sunshine, and friendship. Basically a mood-booster in flower form! Speaking of mood-boosters…

Your March baby may have a sunny disposition.

A European study found that people who have a tendency to be excessively positive were more likely to be born in the spring or summer than in other months. According to the lead researcher, ones birth season may affect certain mood influencing neurotransmitters. Of course, spring doesn’t officially start until the end of March—fortunately, the same study had just as promising findings about winter babies, who tend to be less irritable than those born during the rest of the year! 

Your March baby could be corner-office bound.

Are you raising a boss baby? Maybe, according to one study! Research published in the journal Economic Letters found that babies born in March and April were the more likely to become CEOs than their peers born in other months. This likely reflects what’s called the “relative age effect,” which describes the advantage that relatively older kids have over their younger classmates (kids born at the end of the school year, in June or July).

Your March baby may soar to great heights…

If your kiddo isn’t climbing the corporate ladder, they may still be literally ascending in their career…as a pilot! A small UK study found that March was a popular birth month among pilots.

No matter what your March baby’s talent, they’ll be in star-studded company.

March has major star power—perhaps thanks to…its rainy weather? One researcher found that celebrity births were clustered in “wet” months (think: December through March). While the theory may not totally hold water (pun intended!), there does seem to be proof in the way of the A-listers that share March birthdays (Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Lupita Nyong’o, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, and Shaq, to name a few).


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