8 Interesting Facts About February-born Babies

The second month of the not-so-new year is already upon us! Last month, we covered some facts about January-born babies that we thought would give you an inkling of what your little one would grow up to be. Well, time to see what the stars say about babies born in February! Now, whether or not these are 100% true or should be taken with a pinch of salt or completely disregarded as myths; we will leave that up to you to judge. All the same, it would be fun to read up and see if your child lives up to these personality traits, right?

8 Fun Facts About February Babies

The two star signs your February-born child would fall under are Aquarius or Pisces (or on the cusp of both signs, the approximate date range being February 15 and 21). There are plenty of characteristics that have been touted to be unique to February-born kids, so let’s get started!

1. They Tend to be Incredibly Frank and Honest

It would be a little hard for your February-born baby to lie about things (sometimes, even when necessary!). Straightforwardness and honesty are desirable traits, and most February kids possess them. Your little one is likely to not sugar-coat facts, which may make him sound slightly harsh; but what this actually means is that he would be absolutely genuine with no pretence or mask. Criticism offered by him would be constructive as well. One thing’s for sure with kids like these – as a friend, they would be honest, loyal, and completely true! They’d only want the best for the people they love and would be sure to share their honest feedback if they know it can help.

2. They Tend to Be Very Compassionate

February-born kids can be very empathetic and can naturally feel compassion for others. They’re thoughtful and kind, and can be quite attached to their family and friends. So, if your little one insists on donating his pocket money to someone less fortunate or spends his time planning out little things for his friends, don’t be too surprised – it’s because he’s naturally blessed with a heart of gold!

3. They Can Be Quite Unique

It could be the way he carries himself, his areas of interest, or even something as simple as his dress sense – but there’s sure to be something different about the way your child is that will make him stand out from the crowd! Whether or not he chooses to showcase what makes him unique as a badge of honour will depend on your encouragement. Ensure that you build his confidence, such that he’ll take pride in his uniqueness!

4. They Can Also Be Quite Artistic and Creative

A natural affinity towards the artistic side of things is a trait most Feb-born babies have. Whether it’s music, dance, storytelling, art, or other avenues, your little one may show an interest in something creative quite early on. If you do notice that your child is swaying towards activities apart from his academic pursuits, do make arrangements to let him channel these interests. In fact, some studies have shown that kids born in the months of January and February tend to have high-flying careers in the future, and mostly in the field of arts!

5. They Can Be Innovative

Artists aside, a lot of inventors and scientists are also born in February (Thomas Edison being a very familiar name among the lot!). Since February kids hardly like to stay within the box and want to put their own unique spin on things, they tend to create ways to do this! Your little one may start taking things apart to study them further or exhibit a great interest in science (and related subjects) quite early on. Encourage him to follow his passions; it wouldn’t hurt to have your own in-house inventor, would it?

6. They Can Also Be a Little Rebellious

This aspect stems from the fact that they don’t usually like to follow rigid structures, but would like to bend the mould a little bit! Your child’s rebellious nature won’t necessarily show in his behaviour towards people; it could be observed in something as simple as finding a new way to solve a Math problem. Yup, their uniqueness and innovative methods could pave way for a little rebellion but it may not always be a bad thing!

7. They Have Strong Will Power

When faced with challenging circumstances or adverse situations, your Feb-born child can exhibit tremendous emotional strength and a never-give-up spirit. It’s going to take some pretty tough times to knock your little one off his feet, but there’s a good chance he’s going to get up, brush himself all over, and put up a fresh fight all over again!

8. They Tend to Maintain an Air of Mystery

February-born kids can be great conversationalists, as they may have a wide variety of topics to discuss with some unique perspectives. But as much as they may come across as an open book, there will still be a certain air of mystery that they maintain about them. This isn’t a bad thing, though; it only makes your little one an interesting personality!

February-born kids tend to be unique, creative, and generous and they may have a side to them that they don’t show the world. However, they could sometimes also be slightly aloof, detached, and quickly distracted as well. Don’t worry much about those aspects, though; sometimes, they may dream quite high and beyond anyone’s imagination! Let them follow their heart and their dreams; however, it’s also important to pull them down to reality once in a while, so that they don’t end up being too disappointed!

At the end of the day, though, these are simply the traits that are believed to be dictated by your little one’s star and his date of birth – your love, encouragement, and parenting styles are what will truly fuel who and what he grows up to be!


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