4 Ways to Exercise During The Summer When You're Pregnant

It’s summertime! While it may seem simple enough to get out and stay fit when you’re pregnant, the hot and humid summer days sometimes hinder instead of help with your fitness regime! As your body changes and adjusts to accommodate a growing a baby, it becomes more difficult to regulate your body temperature, making exercising in the high heat much less safe during your pregnancy. However, we all know that exercise during pregnancy is still important and many moms-to-be want to stay active and fit in a safe way, during those nine months, no matter the season.  

When you're exercising during pregnancy, remember to exercise under the advice of your health care provider and to stop exercising if you’re feeling too much exertion or exhaustion in the heat. As well, the higher temperatures can work more quickly to dehydrate even those who aren’t pregnant, so remember to drink plenty of water on hot days, especially if exercising.

4 Tips to Help you Stay Fit During your Summer Pregnancy


Going for a swim when pregnant, is not only great exercise, since it’s low resistance but high impact, it’s also a wonderful way to cool off.  Swimming is an excellent option if you have other children at home with you since they can always join you for an open swim. If an outdoor pool isn’t close by, you might choose an indoor pool and try open swim time, lane swims or a prenatal aqua-fit program. Your pregnant body will thank you each time you get in the pool!


The sun’s rays are strongest from mid-morning to the late afternoon. Try to avoid exercising outdoors during this time. Consider getting your workout in at the beginning of your day before the temperature begins to rise. Exercising later in the evening, as the sun is going down is also a good option and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to workout to a beautiful sunset!


Between the summer heat, humidity and thunderstorms, outdoor exercise just might not be the answer for you. Look for an indoor class, program or gym where you can safely and comfortably exercise in a cooler temperature. Our FITMOM 2B Prenatal series are between 4 to 6 weeks in length and take place indoors year round, to take advantage of the cooler temperatures in an air conditioned environment during the summer months.


Instead of a traditional fitness program, the summer might be a great time to try yoga. You might find an outdoor yoga class that’s offered during the early morning or late evening to beat the heat.  Or, Little Lotus Yoga and many other local yoga studios offer specific prenatal yoga classes.


Don’t let the heat scare you away from exercising this summer if you’re pregnant! There are definitely ways you can stay fit even if it’s hot and humid. Whatever you choose, be sure to look for an instructor that’s certified in teaching prenatal fitness so that they are able to help you exercise in a safe, but effective manner during your pregnancy.


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