8 Fascinating Facts About September Babies

September ushers in a new season, the start of school, vibrant leaves, and a refreshing chill in the air. And it also brings lots of amazing babies (and we mean lots!). Here are some fun facts about your September sweetie...

September is a popular birthday month.

September has 11 of the top birthdays in the nation—and, more babies are born on September 9th than any other day of the year! (Perhaps this baby boom is due to parents feeling especially amorous around the winter holidays...)

September babies have a versatile and meaningful birthstone.

Sapphire is September’s gem. It’s traditionally blue, but did you know it can be pink, yellow, or green? Sapphires are said to stand for sincerity, faithfulness, and truth (qualities we all hope to impart in our children, right?). It’s been a stone worn by nobility for ages in cultures spanning the globe (ancient Greeks and Romans held that the traditionally blue stone protected against harm and envy, while among Middle-Ages Clerics sapphire represented heaven).

September babies have two stellar birth flowers.

Asters and morning glories are the flower of this end-of-summer month. Aster originates from Greek and means star—so sweet for a little starlet! Morning glories also have a stellar connection—their centers are star-shaped. 

September babies excel at school.

One British study suggests that September babies may have a leg up in the classroom. Kids born in this month were 20% more likely to get into elite schools...maybe because they’re the oldest ones in their grade.

September babies have an edge on the sports field.

Have you noticed that all of your favorite athletes have birthdays in the last quarter of the year? That’s because fall-born babies tend to be stronger and more athletic than their summer-born peers (again, this is likely due to being older—and bigger—than the rest of the kids in their class). 

September babies may have long lives ahead of them. 

September-ites are more likely to live to 100! Babies born from September to November have a higher chance of hitting the century-mark, perhaps from being protected through the first winter by all the great immunity in breastmilk.

September babies share their birth month with lots of A-listers.

September celebs include Beyoncé, Zendaya, Idris Elba, Keanu Reeves, Gwyneth Paltrow, Padma Lakshmi, Salma Hayek, Taraji P. Henson, Jason Sudeikis, Donald Glover, and Prince Harry.


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