5 Fascinating Facts About June-Born Babies

For many people, June marks a month where a lot of fun things happen. It’s the end of the school year, we see the first official day of summer, and it’s swapping out the cold, dreary winter for sunshine, green grass, barbecues, and refreshing swims. It’s also a great month to welcome a baby.

Not having to be in the last weeks of pregnancy in the summer months is a very welcome thing for many pregnant people. We know it’s way more comfortable when you’re not nine months' pregnant in the summer heat. Plus, fewer illnesses are floating around in the summer than in winter, and it’s easier to get out of the house.

As if those weren’t good enough reasons alone, babies born in June are also something special. Based on scientific studies, there are some perks to being born in the sixth month. Whether having a potential leg up on winning a Nobel prize one day or having a personality that matches the weather, June babies — like babies of all other months — are unique in their own ways.

If you’re expecting a baby in June, have a child born in this month, or just find this stuff fascinating, here are some facts about June-born babies:

baby in the summer

June-born babies are more likely to have a sunny personality

Not only is the weather better in the summer, but babies born in June are sunnier, too, in personality. For example, one European study found that babies born in summer months like June tend to have an overly positive attitude.

The study described June babies as being “excessively positive” compared to babies born during other times of the year.

baby in the summer

June-born babies might win a Nobel prize one day

Some honors in the world are ones to be proud of, and winning a Nobel prize is one of them. While the chances of scoring that goal in life isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, being born in June might give them an edge.

An analysis of Nobel Laureates revealed a surprisingly high number of winners with a June birthday.

baby boy in the sand

June-born babies are a little moodier than most

Remember how we said babies born in June tend to have a sunny personality? Another thing to know about these babies is that they’re also prone to moodiness. Yes, their moods can swing from one to the other, which is more typical in summer babies than in winter ones.

baby at the beach

June-born babies are more likely to grow up to be tall adults

We know that how tall our baby will be when they grow up is tied to genetics for the most part, whether it's the height of their parents or another variation in their genetic makeup.

But, according to one study done in 2015, the month we’re born in has some influence too. And summer months, like June, tend to produce taller babies than those born in the winter.

two kids in the summer

June-born babies like to stay up a little later

We know that the world comprises two kinds of people: night owls and early risers. According to a sleep timing study by the National Library of Medicine, the category we fall into can be influenced by the month in which we’re born.

June babies — and others born in the summer months — like to go to bed later than babies born in the winter.


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