31 Days of Craft Ideas To Do This May!

It’s time to break out your scissors, glue sticks, and googly eyes, because March is National Craft Month!

On that note, I’m, so glad you landed on our website today! The May kids craft ideas that you will find listed below, are absolutely perfect for the ages of toddler, all the way through elementary school age children. We have a little bit for everyone and every skill level to achieve. Even “not so crafty” adults can join in on the fun with these simple DIY ideas! Did I mention some of our tutorials even make for great keepsakes to display year after year in your home? Seriously – there are many good things you will find below!

So let’s get to it! As you scroll through our list below, you will find tons of great kids craft tutorials that range from using wood popsicle sticks to basic materials such as paper plates and tissue paper.  We even have several different free printables and templates for you to download and use as well. Not to mention, there are enough May craft ideas in this very roundup list for you to try a new one every day throughout the month so there is never a missed opportunity. These super-simple, seasonal crafts teach kids fine motor skills and shapes, as well as open a discussion about the weather and nature in springtime! I really do hope you enjoy this roundup collection!

Happy crafting, my dear friends!

Paper Craft Ideas For The Month of May:

This is where you find ideas that mainly only use cardstock paper to complete them.

May Crafts Using Paper Plates:

Paper plates are so super inexpensive and can be “molded” into just about anything!

Popsicle Stick Crafts For May:

Popsicle sticks are our favorite to use, especially when centered around a theme!

Mother’s Day Keepsake Ideas:

These keepsake ideas are great for kids to make and gift to those they love on Mother’s Day {May 8th, 2022}:

Gift Ideas For May:

These are gifts ideas that are perfect to give those close by or far away!

Learning Games and Activities:

These are sensory bins, playdough recipe and learning game printables we have shared on our website.


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