15 Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Want to make a handmade present this Mother's Day? These heartfelt gift ideas are creative, sentimental, easy, and perfect for little hands.

Are you looking for a homemade Mother's Day gift that the kids can make? Look no further than these 15 absolutely adorable crafts that your child can create in an afternoon. From arts and crafts to fashion and food, we've got your little one covered with ideas—and easy-to-follow instructions. Don't forget to add a thoughtful card, too!

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Mothers Day Craft Kids Make Jewelry Box

Here's a sweet homemade Mother's Day present to make with the kids!

  1. Pick up round wooden boxes from a craft store.
  2. Paint the top and let dry.
  3. Paint nautical-knot buttons or drawer pulls and let dry.
  4. Attach buttons with glue; to attach a drawer pull, drill a small hole through the top of the box and secure it with the nut.

This craft is so easy that you can make a set! Want to DIY the knots? Google "monkey fist knot" to learn how, and simply glue one in place on top of the box.

Sentimental Self-Portrait

Cool Photo Crafts Make a Photo Illustration

Any parent will treasure this sentimental and bilateral self-portrait for years to come!

  1. Start by enlarging a photo and gathering supplies: one sheet of heavyweight paper, glue dots, and crayons or colored pencils.
  2. Cut the photo in half and attach it to the paper with glue dots (make sure it only takes up half of the paper).
  3. Your child can mirror the image on the other half with colored pencils or crayons.

The best part of this lovely gift is not just the photo that captures a beautiful moment in time, but your child's creative imagination adding some color and energy to the picture by drawing or painting on their half.

Heart Cookie Box

Box with cookies

This decorated cookie box is even sweeter than the treats you can put inside. Kids can create designs on wooden boxes using contact paper cutouts and paint.

Doily Lace Votives

Glass doily votive candle holder craft

Paper doilies take plain votive candle holders to the next level. You'd never believe they're homemade—and by a kid, no less!

  1. If using paper doilies, simply paint the votive with clear Elmer's glue and roll the doilies on. Once dry, cut the excess paper off.
  2. If you're using fabric doilie lace, use a hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the glass votive. Once dry, cut off any extra fabric.

Mother's Day Paperweights

Fabric paperweight

Use fabric scraps to cover a stone from the backyard. They can be used as a display paperweight on a desk, bookshelf, or mantle.

Loved-Filled Flowers

Paper Blooms

Heart-shaped petals make these blooms full of love!

  1. Start by gathering the supplies: cardstock, small heart and circle craft punches, craft glue, straight pin, floral wire covered with cloth, wooden spool, small buttons, and grosgrain ribbon.
  2. To make the flowers, punch a circle in the cardstock and use the straight pin to poke a hole in the middle.
  3. Punch out five hearts and fold them in half, lengthwise, to make the petals.
  4. Glue the petals around the circle (not covering the hole) and let dry.
  5. Thread floral wire through two holes on a button, secure it by twisting the wire, and push the opposite end through the hole in the circular shape; this will make the stem.

Make as many flowers as you'd like, then stick them in a ribbon-covered spool that doubles as a vase.


Heart-Stitched Card

Yarn Heart Cards

Any parent would cherish this lovely handmade greeting card on Mother's Day.

  1. Start by folding a piece of colored cardstock in half to make the card.
  2. Print and cut out a heart.
  3. Tape it lightly to the front of the card, punch holes along the heart's outline with a needle (with the card laying flat), and then discard the heart template.
  4. Your child can then thread a plastic child-safe tapestry needle with colored yarn, knot the end, and stitch the heart from side to side.
  5. After you finish stitching, knot the yarn and cut away any excess.

X and O Placemats

Place mats

This homemade Mother's Day gift will come in handy when serving breakfast in bed.

  1. Each placemat requires an unprimed medium-weight canvas. (Ours is 12"x18.")
  2. Cut shape stencils, such as the X and O pictured here, from contact paper using an X-Acto knife and cutting mat. Make sure you cut along the outlines of the shapes to create an empty middle (you'll fill in the stencils with paint).
  3. Tape the canvas to your workstation, place a stencil in the top left corner, and fill it in with fabric paint on a sponge brush. Continue this step until the placemat contains all the shapes you'd like.
  4. Let dry and fray the edges of the placemat, if desired.

Coaster Craft

Felt square coasters

Make these modern coasters from adhesive-backed felt for your parent to use for their morning coffee.

Here's how:

  1. On different colored pieces of wool felt, draw small rectangles or squares using a ruler and pencil.
  2. Cut them out and arrange them into a patchwork design onto the sticky side of white adhesive-backed felt.
  3. Cut into a 4-inch square for the final coaster.

Homemade Jewelry

Button jewelry craft

String buttons, felt, and paper flowers onto yarn or chenille stems to make sweet necklaces and rings. You can use a punch to create holes in the felt and paper. Talk about fun and funky fashion accessories!

Bespoke Wrapping Paper

Boy with flowers

Kids will love painting bubble wrap in eye-catching colors to make their own wrapping paper! It's perfect for a flower bouquet or to wrap a gift box.

Clay Catch-All

Jewelry bowl

Make pinch pots with air-dry clay and stamps; they're ideal bowls for jewelry!

  1. Briefly knead a piece of white air-dry clay, flatten it on wax paper, and roll it to about 1/8-inch thickness.
  2. Smooth the surface of the clay with a little water and let it sit for several minutes.
  3. Now, it's time to grab a stamp. Put a thin layer of cooking oil on the clay (on the place where you're going to stamp), ink the stamp, and press it in.
  4. Clean excess oil with a cotton swab.
  5. Mold the edges of the clay into a bowl or dish shape and let dry for about two to three days.

Coupon Flower Bouquet

finished paper bouquet craft

Cut circles out of patterned cardstock and attach them to a paper plate, creating a makeshift flower. Your child can write love notes and coupons on each petal for their special parent to pull off and redeem.

Fruity Flowers

Edible fruit arrangement

What parent wouldn't love a flower bouquet they can eat?

  1. Use cookie cutters to cut flower shapes in pineapple and melon slices.
  2. Stick them on wooden dowels and place them in a vase with faux grass for a delicious homemade Mother's Day gift!

Thumbprint Hearts and Crafts Wrapping Paper

Wrap Artist

Turn plain tissue paper into a work of art by decorating it with two thumbprints joined together to form a heart. This homemade craft makes picture-perfect gift wrap!

The Best Gifts Come From the Heart

You don't have to spend a lot of money or time to create the perfect, heart-felt gift for Mother's Day. After all, it's the thought that counts, and when little hands get involved, all that thought turns into pure magic. These adorable Mother's Day gifts that kids can make themselves will make the best keepsakes to love for years to come.


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