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Irma Vasquez
Corporate Receptionist
"I believe in being positive at all times! If I could have any superpower, I would like to able to read people’s mind so that I can help the negative thinkers be more positive."
Stephanie Curiel
"I can't wait to buy a house for my future family. And, when I do buy a house, I'm getting a dog because I love dogs and they can become your most loyal best friend!"
Sam Barragán
District Manager
"My dad taught me everything I know about keeping and maintaining animals. This has not only been a hobby of mine, but it has become who I am. I bring that same passion and dedication to my job at MNC."
Juventina Vasquez
Store Manager
"My customers' children always ask for me and like to talk to me about their day. This brings a smile to my face. My customers like to talk about anything and everything. It’s very satisfying for me to know that they are happy here at our store."

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